3 Simple and Effective Trends in 2017 for Selling your Home Fast

by Tracy Hookstra | January 16, 2017

If you are ready to sell quickly and at a profitable price, professionals recommend a few tips for selling your home. No matter if you live in the most desirable part of the city or have numerous upgrades, you will need to prepare your house for potential buyers. With these simple and effective trends, you will know how to clean and stage your home in a way that will interest buyers in 2017.

Let In Light 

In the past, the dark and heavy colors used in Old World decorating were popular. Today, buyers want to see homes that are light and bright. These lighter colors do not necessarily have to be the ordinary neutrals used by builders, so skip the boring eggshells and whites and opt for the newest of neutrals. Light blues and greens, beige, and various shades are gray make homes feel open and clean while still adding a hint of color.

Tone down dark hardwood floors with rugs in neutral colors. Replace worn tile that is dark and grungy. Be sure to have the grout professional cleaned or redone.

Remove dark, heavy drapes to showcase windows. This allows natural light into the home, making it more appealing to buyers during showings and open houses.

Accent With Color

Adding pops of color on different walls will also make your home more appealing. Consider the new home palettes from Pantone, such as Native Instincts or Day Dreaming. Native Instincts combines colors inspired by various tribes/cultures, such as pottery by Native Americans and carpet from Turkish culture, to add a unique touch to any home.

The Day Dreaming palette focuses on lighter colors. Pairing Rose Quartz and Serenity or Yellow Iris and Nile Green are also good pairings to consider.

Adding a bit of color without overwhelming the space is one of the easiest tips for selling your home fast.

Fixate on Fixtures

Replacing old, outdated lighting and plumbing fixtures is a simple investment, but buyers do not want to feel the burden. Therefore, make your home stand out from the competition by replacing old faucets, showerheads, chandeliers and pendant lights with new, modern models.

Skip the brass and nickel-plated fixtures, since these are not current trends. Choose copper or oil-rubbed bronze versions. For added appeal and value, opt for eco-friendly fixtures. Low-flow faucets will conserve water and LED light fixtures will reduce the home’s total energy usage. These modern fixtures will not only be attractive but also water and energy efficient.

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