Must-haves for first time homebuyers

by Jan Richey | September 26, 2013


Are you a first time homebuyer in the market for a “starter” home? If so, read on! Claes Bell from has narrowed down five things to keep in mind during your home search.

  1. An affordable price tag. Stick with a firm price target to make sure a house is within your budget.
  2. A house for the next 10 years. Because you will most likely be there longer than you think!
  3. Location, location, location! In order to get the most return in the long run, look for neighborhoods and housing developments with well-maintained homes, close to lots of amenities, your work, and a good school district.
  4. A history of proper maintenance. Hire a trusted inspector to do an in-depth evaluation.
  5. Recent updates in key areas of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, new roof, water heater, electrical wiring, or energy-efficient windows.

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