Nebraska Furniture Mart coming to West Plano – What that Means?

by Tracy Hookstra | February 6, 2014

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Chances are, you’ve driven on Sam Rayburn Tollway through the Colony and seen the massive construction site on the frontage road. But what kind of real estate development is it and what does it mean for you? We’ve got answers! The development, Grandscape, is one of the largest mixed-use real estate developments in the country, developed by Nebraska Furniture Mart. Once complete, Grandscape will house 3.9 million square feet of retail, entertainment, dining and attractions, and span over 400 acres. How have the residents of neighboring communities reacted to this expansive addition? According to a NeighborsGo article by Julissa Trevino, residents of local neighborhoods including Kings Ridge in Plano have expressed concern about whether or not there will be a large enough buffer between the commercial and residential areas. Katie Rager, Nebraska Furniture Mart spokesperson, said representatives of both Grandscape and the city have met with the Kings Ridge Homeowners Association throughout the entire process. Nebraska Furniture Mart is scheduled to open in Spring 2015 with the first phase of retail opening shortly thereafter in the third quarter. The Jan Richey Team will be sure to bring you exciting new details regarding this development as it happens!