Should I Downsize Now?

by Tracy Hookstra | March 24, 2017

KCM (Keeping Current Matters), a real estate blog, recently posted on their site an article titled “Should I Downsize Now?”  In their blog they wrote about a study by Edelman Berland stating that 33% of homeowners who are contemplating selling their homes in the near future are planning to scale down. Now, we live where the motto “Everything is Bigger in Texas” stands pretty true with the homes in our area. There are clients who are looking for larger homes to enjoy with their families.  And there also the ones who are looking to scale back. Several clients have decided to sell their big homes and transition into more manageable properties to fit their lifestyles and needs. We believe our clients are “right sizing”. We have had the privilege of helping our clients purchase places in both the new Windrose Tower and in the Villas at Legacy West. If you are thinking that now might be the time to sell, give us a call. We would love to meet for coffee and talk about all the options that are available and find the one that fits your needs.

Windrose Tower:

Villas at Legacy West: