Texas Tulips – A Fun Family Outing

by Tracy Hookstra | February 23, 2017

The warm weather has put us in the mood to be outside! As we were looking for fun, family-friendly activities to do this weekend we came across the Texas Tulip site. Known as the first blooming tulip field in Texas, Texas Tulip’s originates from Holland. Owner Pieter Koeman grew up working on his family’s tulip farm. It wasn’t until his father passed that he decided to make a change and move his family and mom to Pilot Point, Texas. There he opened the first blooming tulip field where people could come and enjoy the beauty of millions of tulips. Many visitors enjoy photoshoots at the farm, but the highlight of the trip is getting to be able to pick your own tulips! Access into the farm is $3 per person. Tuilps are $2.50 per stem and they will be wrapped in pretty paper and stems will be put in flower gel.

For more info, visit their website Texas-Tulips.com